The Best Things About Baby Boys

When I was pregnant I was thinking about how I wanted to have a mother-daughter relationship like my mother has, and her mother had, and so on. Only then did it occur to me that every woman on earth had a mother who had a daughter, and her mother had a daughter, etc. Logic.

But, my mother and grandmother also only had daughters. So when I found out that we were having a boy, I was a little nervous. What do I do with a boy? I don’t know how to handle a boy! My mom had those concerns too… great.

Of course I got used to the idea before he was born and obviously he’s the light of my life and I wouldn’t want him to be anything other than what he is. Blah blah blah. There are also some tangible reasons why, as I discovered, boys are great.

Disclaimer: My son is almost two so this only applies to baby boys. Soon I may very well be writing about why boys are a nightmare!

Free-peeing Everyone had me convinced that every time I took a diaper off the boy, pee would erupt into a fountain, keeping the changing table and me covered in urine for the rest of time. This was far from the case. It was in fact quite rare for him to pee during a diaper change, but here’s why boys are better on this. When he did free-pee, it was easily controllable! A friend of mine had a girl within a month of when my son was born, and when she dealt with free-pees, she just had to try to contain it and pee got everywhere. As we know, the female anatomy is not designed for aim!

Butt Wiping Maybe this is just me, but I find it easier and more natural to wipe the bottom from back to front. It gets the back end clean first so I can lie him down without getting poop everywhere, and just seems to be the most effective way to wipe. With a boy, this is A-Okay! Wipe whatever direction you see fit! With a girl, you can’t wipe poop towards the front end because you can cause an infection in the girl regions. Boys are killing it on the diaper thing!

Wardrobe I’ll be honest, this was one of the things that made me the saddest about having a boy. Baby girl clothes are SO MUCH CUTER than boy clothes. As are the shoes, and don’t get me started on bows and flowers in the hair. I personally always try to have an accessory in my own hair, so I die with how adorable babies in bows are. Then reality hits, and I realized that I barely have the motivation to keep my baby in a onesie and socks let alone accessories that the child won’t keep on. In my attempt to feel as excited about boy fashion I made my son a bunch of bow ties. He has worn two of them, once each, barely long enough for me to photograph.

Additionally, I am so appreciative of all of the gifts people give my baby, BUT I got so much clothes that we have many a cute outfit packed away that he has long since outgrown, that he only wore once or twice. With a girl, I can’t even imagine how ridiculous it would be. At least boy clothes is a level of cute that the strong-willed can resist, I have no faith in our family restraining themselves if we have a girl. I don’t want that much clothes, and also, I want to be able to shop for cute clothes too. Not really an option when I already have far too much.

If you were somewhat disappointed when you found out that it’s a boy, have no fear. You’ll be having so much fun with your little guy that you won’t even remember having wanted a girl… until you get pregnant again and still want a girl. Guilty.

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